Importance of Numerology in our lives

The universal language of numbers is what numerology is all about. No matter who we are; each of us is born with a unique set of numbers. The importance of these numbers is such that they can easily highlight how we interact with others and help us understand the depths of our individual personality. It is important to note here that numbers also help indicate a lot of other things, like challenges we may be confronted in the coming years or the opportunities that may be presented to us and so on. Numerology is helpful in gaining valuable insights of our lives not just for a specific period but also our whole life!

The Pythagorean system, or the western form of numerology, is among the most popular and enduring methods available to us. Even the Japanese, Chinese, Hebrews, Greek, Incas, Mayans, early Christians, Phoenicians, and Egyptians have all employed numbers to know the universe and themselves a lot better.

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, and philosopher, first came out with numerology when he combined the mathematical disciplines of Egyptian, Phoenician, Essene, Druid, and Arabic sciences. A lot of changes in numerology have since taken place. Numerology, in fact, has formed the basis of several societies, including Anthroposophists, Masons, Rosicrucians, and others.

The popularity of this science has grown manifold in the recent years. In fact, numerology columns are a common these days in magazines and newspapers. Numerologists are being consulted on a regular basis for everything from business to romance to personal related issues.

The connection between letters and numerology is unique. Not many people may know this, but numbers also indicate communication and understanding in a deep sense. No doubt, languages may change from one culture to another, but the way words are spelled and meant is no accident. Each letter represents a number in numerology, with each number being associated with a particular personality. Therefore, without speaking at all, numbers that are associated with words provide deep messages.

All numbers have their own importance in numerology. You may not be aware of this, but your personal numerology chart contains a lot of numbers! However, it is interesting to note that out of all these, there are five numbers that are extremely significant for you. In fact, these five numbers are the ones that determine who you are today. These are called as core numbers, including your birthday number, heart’s desire number, personality number, expression number, and life path number. Each one of these numbers is directly related to your birth date and/or birth name and, therefore, has an impact on the kind of person you are today.

Your birthday number

There’s more to your birthday number than indicating the day you were born. In fact, this number indicates the talent that will finally find its spot in your life path. Being one of the most important core numbers, this is virtually a timestamp of what you are actually today!

Your heart’s desire number

This number will actually provide an insight into the desires of your heart and the reasons behind the choices you make.

Your personality number

The first impression people will have on you is dictated by your personality number. In a way, this number will determine how much you’re willing to reveal about yourself and to whom.

Your expression number

This number is derived from the letters that are in your full name. The expression number helps reveal the abilities and talents that have been there with you since birth.

Your life path number

Your birth date is what determines your life path number. This number is unique and special to you because it doesn’t change and will encapture your entire being.

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