Get the best out of Emotional Freedom Techniques

A unique psychological acupressure technique, emotional freedom technique helps stabilize your emotional health. Although a vast majority of us overlook this technique for various reasons, there is no denying its importance for your overall healing and physical health. It doesn’t matter how hard you follow lifestyle and food habits, there are fewer chances of you succeeding with your physical well-being if you ignore emotional barriers for long. This reiterates why emotional freedom techniques are so important for one and all.

The benefits with this EFT are plenty. For example, it helps remove negative emotions, implement positive goals, eliminate or reduce pain, and reduce food cravings.

Unlike traditional acupressure techniques, EFT does involve invasiveness of needles. However, they work with almost same energy medians as the ones employed in acupressure. It is interesting to note here that emotional freedom techniques have been employed by mankind for over five thousand years. All this while, they have been used for treating emotional and physical ailments. Instead of needles, EFT uses tapping of fingertips for exerting kinetic energy on targeted medians. More often than not, chest and head regions are targeted in this technique and can help solve specific problems, like pain, addiction, etc.

Voicing positive affirmation and tapping the energy medians and help clear the “short-circuit” called emotional blocks. This will, in turn, help restore your body and mind’s balance that is absolutely essential for optimal health and healing processes.

When tapping locations and techniques are diligently applied, you should easily be able to able to treat various problems easily and quickly. If you’re unable to get the results you were expecting or are dealing with a traumatic issue, then do not give up. Instead, you can consider visiting a professional EFT expert.

The simplest of emotional freedom techniques are pretty straightforward and will not take you long to master. Once you’ve mastered the art of finding the tapping points, it will only take a few minutes to complete each round. Here, it is important that you tap the precise area to get the best results possible.

Remember, your fingertips contain many acupuncture meridians. Therefore, when you use them to tap the meridians of the targeted area, you’re also effectively tapping the meridians that are at your fingertips. Now, before you get down using these techniques, it is important that you remove your bracelets, watch, and other materials that might interfere with your tapping process.

Here are some of the best and proven ways of emotional freedom techniques you can employ to get the desired results. Make sure you follow these procedures in their correct order.

  1. TH or Top of the Head

Place the fingers back to back on top of the skull and run them down the center of the skull.

  1. EB or Eyebrow

Place the fingertips just above the nose and over it. Also, just make sure that they’re at the beginning of the eyebrow.

  1. SE or Side of the Eye

Tap the fingers on the bone that is located just outside the corner of the eye.

  1. UE or Under the Eye

Target the bone that is under your eye, about an inch below the pupil.

  1. UN or Under the Nose

Target the area that is in between the lower portion of your nose and the upper lip.

  1. Ch or Chin

Target the region that is in between the bottom of your lower lip and your chin.

  1. CB or Collar Bone

The region to target is where the first rib, collarbone, and breastbone (sternum) meet.

  1. UA or Under the Arm

Target the side region of the body, about 4 inches below the armpit.

  1. WR or Wrists

Target the inside of both wrists.

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